My greatest achievement is bringing 2 beautiful daughters into this world. My experience as a young mum inspired me to complete a certificate of community services in order to help other young mum's as a family support worker. 

From there I earned a Diploma of Early Years Childhood Studies and owned my own early childhood education centre and co - owed another, the centres accommodated for hundreds of families. Throughout the years of owning the centres I was given the opportunity to work with many multi-cultural families. Supporting them with much respect to their culture, values, and wishes. I found that my warm, caring and non-judgmental nature attracted families amongst the community to the services. Both centres quickly became fully booked, and remained so for the entirety of their ownership's. 


While having a break from the business world, I had the joy of being intimately involved with my daughters first birth. This reignited my original and true passion of supporting mothers and global health. 

In 2018, I completed my certification as a birth Doula from the Australian Doula College in Sydney, 

 I was inspired to continue building my knowledge as a Doula and discovered a workshop in Bali for Doula's and Midwives, this workshop confirmed my dedication to be a Doula.

 I currently volunteer my Doula services at the Bumi Sehat Birthing Clinic in Ubud ,Bali twice a year.  

 Seeing that some of the mothers attending the clinic and living in surrounding villages were in need , I was compelled to create a system that provides essential items to those mums and newborns. For more information about my Bali Give Bag program and experience at the clinic is available on


Hypnobirthing Australia:

I am now very excited and proud to be a certified Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner and I am truly passionate to teach the Positive Birth Program online or at my face to face classes in Broadbeach QLD

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