Postnatal Support for Mother and Father at Doula Waves

Both the mother and the father play vital roles in the delivery process and the role of the doula is never to replace the father in any way. Instead, their purpose is to complement and enhance the delivery experience for both of them. Today, more husbands play an active role in the birth process than ever before but despite their desire they may know exactly what to do. With a doula leading the birth team, a father can be free to be involved and can get guidance and direction as well so he can best support and help his wife during the delivery. The postnatal support that comes from working with a doula can also be of great benefit to both mother and father. They can assist with establishing new routines, feedings, changing, and other issues mom and dad may not be quite comfortable with yet. To learn more about prenatal and postnatal support we have for mothers and fathers, contact us today.

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